Old Windows Desktop Chat Version

Is there an issue impacting users not being able to login to the older windows version of Live Chat. The issue is that with the newer Windows version, agents may no longer chat with each other or send chats to a group. This was a feature included in the older version.

None of our agents who used the older version can login to that version anymore.

Hi @rickj

It’s not the issue. The old UI was removed recently completely from our software and it won’t be possible to use it any more.

We know it’s a significant change, and therefore we informed all the customers about it last moth. Please, check your inbox, there is a possibility that the email got lost among other messages.

I also understand that it may be seen as inconvenience at the beginning. However, developing the old UI simultaneously with the new one was not possible due to the outdated backend of the old one. The old version didn’t allow us to add new, very useful features we’re implementing now and stopped us from developing our product in the future. Please, let me know if you need anything else.