Old Conversations in Agent Dashboard


also will be a great when customer start chatting to agent.
Agent is available to see old conversations by the date.

Right now it’s only available with scrolling.

Now the agent is scrolling endlessly… and with this feature agent can see conversation’s trough date.

Thank you

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Hi @Roy,

Thanks for the feedback, we will take it into consideration.

I can also recommend a simple workaround that will let you search old chats by date in the Archives.

Just copy the mail of a visitor on a chat > go to the Archives > paste the email in the search.

You will get all the conversations with the user. And if you click on Show all X results, you will be able to see all chats chronologically.

I hope it will help.

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Open archives when you are writing customer it’s loosing time.
When you need to go from dashboard to archives.

Hi Roy! :slight_smile:
Do you mean something like what we had on the old design with chats: http://take.ms/AsGQ3?

While we were working on a new chats section, we reviewed a lot of the use cases related with that timeline usage - it turns out, that most of the users want to check last customer’s messages, to review details correlated to the current customer’s case. This is why we dropped that timeline. Can you please tell us some more about your use case? How these old chats may be more valuable than the recent ones for you.