November Community Game – become an active member and win the newest Apple AirPods 3! 🏆


We would like to invite you to our newest Community Game!
You have a chance to win brand new Apple AirPods 3! :raised_hands:

The rules of the game are simple – we’ve created a couple of topics about using our products for you to share your experience with the rest of the community. If you write down an insightful post there, the other users(and our team as well!) will surely give you an upvote. Only users with paid accounts in LiveChat and/or HelpDesk can participate in the contest.

You can also create your own topics for other users to stimulate discussion and gain even more upvotes :slight_smile:

For the next two weeks we will count the amount of upvotes that you received under all your posts, and the person with the largest amount of hearts wins! :heart:

The full terms and conditions can be found here.

The Community Contest starts on 18th November 2021, 00:01 am CET and ends on 14th December 2021, 23:59 pm CET.

Good luck!

We’ve extended our contest for another two weeks – take your chance for winning the main prize!


It’s time to reveal the results of the contest!
The winner of the Novemver Community Game is…@melissa.hannam! :tada:
She created multiple posts and, in result, gathered the largest number of hearts. :heart:

Congratulations! We are very happy that you’re here with us :raised_hands:

WOW! :heart_eyes:

That’s super exciting, thank you!!!