New Tickets - please share your feedback

We’re happy to announce that new Tickets are coming as a part of the App redesign. There’s a bunch of improvements:

  • look & feel consistent with the rest of the App
  • new “All tickets” section
  • new Ticket view with a clear feed and decluttered details
  • you can now remove groups assigned to a ticket

Here’s a preview:

Tell us what you think! :smile:


Looks promising so far.
Question is if it will have all majority of features other ticketing systems have.

  1. Default reply template, selectable or depending if this is first email or continuations.
  2. If canned responses for common questions will be available.
  3. HTML support for hyperlinks and images.
  4. Setting custom pending time interval, default 1 day, custom X days. Once X days passed, return ticket as open to check with client again.
  5. Pending statuses: Pending Internal and Pending Customer.
  6. Ticket routing by rules, mostly subject to the correct department.
  7. Option to re-assign ticket to department, mark as spam, assign to operator.

Also other systems offer creating custom view based on few criteria.
For example, “My Pending Tickets”, which would show only your ticket which are waiting for response. Ticket which are in different departments, for example Sales View, Tech.Support View.

Hi, @jeff!
Thanks for your feedback.

Currently, we’re working on a whole new product - HelpDesk. It will have all the bells and whistles specific to ticketing systems including some of your suggestions and ideas. Don’t hesitate to drop more. It will arrive very soon so stay tuned! Would you like me to add you to a mailing list to keep you posted? Or you can do it yourself here

Regarding the Tickets section in LiveChat. Our plan is to develop and improve it as a solid backup to our main features such as Chats. Currently, we focused on a visual redesign and making the section consistent with the rest of the app addressing some main gripes and downfalls.

You’ve mentioned canned responses. They are available right now while creating new tickets as wells as in the ticket view in the text area:

Also, there’s an option to re-assign tickets to other Groups and Agents (both in the Tickets list and the Ticket view):

Marking tickets as Spam and assigning tickets to specific Agents/Groups are also available:

Please let me know if you have any difficulties, I’ll guide you through it or contact our Support Team :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I am already in the list, waiting for ticketing system, for some reason I thought this and helpdesk was one and the same, no?
We are not using your system, at the moment, waiting once the ticketing system will be flushed out to the usable state.
Canned responses is one thing, but what about whole template for each email reply, so operators would not need to re-type Dear XXX, thank you for your email
few lines of actual response entered manually
Then closing text hoping to hear back from you… etc… ?
Having all of that in canned response would do the trick, but would be very messy.
We are currently using LivePerson Legacy system, which is old, clunky and no longer supported, while your chat side seems very nice and fluent, ticketing seems a bit too limited.

Hi Kozak :wave:,

  1. If we move status here with Icon Ticket list will be full on this page
  2. We can add Tags there
  3. Assigned agent image
  4. Also missing channel: ticket coming from - chat/call/email (we can add an icon in the list

In the ticket page:

  1. Can I see other tickets open by the same customer?
  2. missing feature - Escalation (Escalation is really important when you have more than 100 tickets in one day)
  3. missing feature - auto workflow
  4. also lots of information in the Details tab can we minimize?

This is for now :smiley:
It’s already 5:36 Am in Georgia =)

Also ticket rating when ticket is Solved =) :-1: / :+1:

  • Can I assignee ticket from the ticket page?
    When ticket Unassigned click this text and select agent =) Simply

Yes, HelpDesk will be a whole new stand-alone ticketing system.
At release, we’ll cover canned responses for sure. Email templates with custom parameters are in the pipeline and will come a bit later.

Also, we’re happy that you’re already in the mailing list :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Roy!

Thanks for all your suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ve mentioned other tickets from the same Requester. If there are any, they will appear below the Requester section. Take a look here:

If there’s no Agent assigned, use the “Change” button:

Ticket rating will appear in the ticket feed in the ticket view. Also, you can use the rating filter in the tickets list:


You can also assign an Agent in the Tickets list. Just select a specific ticket (or more) and use the “Assign to agent…” option.

Regarding the escalation and workflow features. Could you elaborate? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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  1. Rating also should appear in list view =) :+1: / :-1:
  2. Details tab too long =( you should see all information quickly and easy =) Why not transfer staff member icon top of the conversation? and delete one tab from details.

Escalation - simply rules : if ticket status is open for 24 hour change department or escalate ticket and Place at the beginning of the queue.

Workflow: if in details text = CSS Problem assign ticket to Development team. =) and much more workflow rules there lot…

if you want details about how workflow rules can work I Can give you more advices =)

Workflow and eslcation is number one problem for a big ticket systems as well. without workflow and escalation you can’t handle more than 100-200 ticket in one day… (For a big support companies).

Yea, for some reason majority of ticketing systems disregard basic workflow which makes things very messy.
Our simplified workflow is:

  1. Ticket arrives to inbox and via emails subject, it is assigned to the department. Subject: crash, error, activation, etc.
  2. The operator responds and sets the ticket as pending, which then returns to the same department queue after 24h.
  3. Once the ticket is returned (if case client does not respond), a response is sent again, asking if steps were done, if an issue is fixed etc… all in all, if he still needs help.
  4. If there is no response to two checks, a ticket is closed.

Thank you for elaborating :slight_smile:
We’ll take our thoughts into consideration.

Also, we’re creating now a stand-alone ticketing system that will be much more powerful than the Tickets in LiveChat. If you’re interested sign up to the mailing list on the top of the page, we’ll keep you posted - This will surely cover all cases that are specific to ticket handling and much more.

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So far I’m pleased with the improvements. One big issue we have is that it’s very hard to get ratings for support tickets after 24h that the ticket has been closed. The customer has already moved on by that point and it’s hard to engage them again for a rating. Whereas ~50% of our chats are rated, only ~17% of tickets are rated. It would be good to have the rating request for tickets be immediate or really soon after the ticket is closed.

Hi @bernardo,

Thanks for the insight. I will pass it to our product team.