New iOS App?

When is the iOS app going to be updated/refreshed? The quality has deteriorated in the last couple years and it’s very glitchy not to mention it does not support full screen on iPhone X and so many more new features it could take advantage of in iOS 12.


Hello @Frizzy!

Krzysztof here, from LiveChat’s Technical Department. I’d like to let you know that we are currently working with our iOS developer to address all of the issues that you’ve mentioned above. Making the LiveChat app for iOS more stable, both in terms of maintaining the connectivity and fixing some of the problems that appeared on iOS 12 is our top priority. I cannot provide you with the exact ETA on when the updated version of the app will land on App Store, but I can promise that we will do our best to release it as soon as possible. And we will make sure to let you know immediately :slight_smile:

The future update for LiveChat app should also bring the full support of screen notch, available in all the current iPhones – that include iPhone X and the latest Apple devices, iPhone XS and XS Max. We understand that adjusting the app to the modern UI is important as well, especially in terms of the usability.

Speaking about new features, I’d be grateful if you could share with us what features available in iOS 12 would you like to see integrated with LiveChat for iOS :iphone:. We will definitely discuss them among our team and add them to our Feature request list, considering them during future updates of our app.

Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas! And, if you have any additional questions, you know where to ask :slight_smile:


The current iOS app does not work !
It crash when I try login

I use iOS 12.1 on iPhone 7 Plus

Seriously thinking of moving to a new platform, the iOS app has been neglected for so long now and it very unreliable.

Hi @Frizzy,

Could you explain exactly what features available in iOS 12 you would like to see integrated with LiveChat for iOS?


@Krzysztof, Please add tagging feature in new APP <3
#Please :smiley:

Hi there!
I am not sure if you saw some news related to the LiveChat mobile apps, but I would like to let you know, that we released completely new apps for Android and iOS (Huawei within the next few days). Those apps are available in stores, you can find them by the name “LiveChat Lite”, or just use those links:



Please let me know how do you like it. :slight_smile:

Hi Roy!
Did you saw our new mobile apps already? The tagging feature is there! :slight_smile:


Hey, Nice update and big improvements :heart_eyes:

Already submitted some feedback through the chat.

One Main: Use Left/Right Scroll to move between the chats (Like move between photos in mobile).


So is the previous LiveChat app for iOS deprecated or still being updated? Not liking the layout as much on the lite app…

At the moment, we only develop further the LiveChat Lite app. The standard app for iOS won’t be updated – yes, soon it will become deprecated.

But if you can share your opinion, it will be valuable to us! What exactly do you like about the previous app more than in the LC Lite?