New Chat Window - More Ratings?

Has anyone updated to the new chat window (smooth theme)? Have you notice an increase to the amount of good or bad ratings you’ve received?
We changed to the new window last week, and have found a large increase in the bad ratings, many bad ratings coming from people just opening and closing the chat and not even actually talking to us.

Just wondering if anyone has found the same thing? I really like the new look, but am tempted to go back to the previous chat window (modern theme). The rating option did not seem to be as big on that theme. My agents are getting discouraged with bad ratings that they did not really earn.

We are using the new window, my team dont like it but I am making them stick with it. Funny enough I’ve noted a few more “Did not chat”. I’m not sure why that is. Regards the ratings we ran a trial to take the rating off all together - mainly because we find people use the bad for specific reasons. Firstly if there is not an offer that they want, bad. Secondly if we take longer to answer than they feel we should, bad. And thirdly people can be just quite rude. After spending some time looking over the bad one’s I was quickly quite bored and really didnt learn much more than those three things. We are a really small team though - I’d know if I had a problem with one of the teams comms style. I can see the use for a bigger team


​​Thank you for your feedback!

​​With new chat widget design we wanted to improve many subjects: support “rich messages”, allow easier and better customization, prepare the layout for plug-ins. We also wanted to increase greetings to chat conversion, as well as rating amount. This option is definitely better visible in the new chat widget - customers use this more often, but some part of them are just curious, trying the new look, they are rating good/bad without any reason.
​​According to our analysis, the overall amount of feedback increased, which is extremely helpful for larger teams.

​​Did you notice poor rating increase bigger than 5 - 10%? It shouldn’t exceed this.
​​We are considering two features that should help to get better rating results - disabling rating until first visitor messages and filtering results/reports by tag name, eg. to exclude chats marked as “spam”.

​​I will update you in this thread when any of these features will be released.

​​Thank you for your feedback, please keep it coming!

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We seem to be getting a bad rating every day or every other day since the new look, whereas before we would usually only get a bad rating every week or every other week. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but the agents take the bad ratings so personally and get frustrated when they really haven’t done anything wrong to warrant the bad rating.

Our bad ratings increased with this too, would agree with Melissa, agents quickly get frustrated when this happens

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I are aware of it doesn’t appear like loads, however the sellers take the horrific scores so in my view and get pissed off when they sincerely blogs haven’t performed something incorrect to warrant the awful rating.