New apps in the Marketplace: Klaus, Calendly, Quick Notes

Hi guys!

@georgek suggested that it would be nice to see here some summary of new apps available in our Marketplace. This is why we’re starting a new series of posts with the most exciting drops of apps that arrived at our Marketplace lately!

KLAUS: it’s an app that can help you track your internal quality score. It lets you review your team’s work and make feedback more systematic and easy

CALENDLY: it’s a booking system that integrated with chat on your website. It works great for example for sales teams (you can book a demo via it).

QUICK NOTES: a simple app that can lets you add private notes inside chat threads


I can’t find Quick Notes when I go to the marketplace in the LiveChat app. Is it still available?

Hi @melissa.hannam,

Quick Notes should appear in your LiveChat app after writing its name in the search bar. Please, let me know if you have it.

Hi @Daria,

For some reason I can’t find it. I did the search (see screenshot) and no results. I tried scrolling through all the apps as well, and cannot see it.


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Hi Melissa! I made a little investigation and it turned out that your LiveChat license is not yet migrated to the new protocol - this is why the app is not available yet in your Marketplace.

However, I talked with our Product Manager and ask for you to be first migrated license in their next step so it should be ready by mid November!

Thank you! I look forward to being able to try it soon.

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