New App - Rich Messages Configurator


My name is Łukasz, and I just released the new application in the LiveChat Marketplace. It’s called Rich Messages Configurator, and you can check it out right away!

Heres quick sum up of what you can expect:

  • Send beautiful messages that attract your customers to interact.
  • Manage them all in one place and share between all agents.
  • Get quick access to rich messages right in the message box.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feature requests, write here or leave me a mail at


This looks cool! I have always really liked the cards that were offered with ChatBot, so this is cool that we can do it with agents in LiveChat now.

One question - does it work separately from canned responses or can it work with them. For example, we have some canned responses that recommend a certain product or service to the client with a link to that webpage. Could the canned response still have the lead in sentences about " I would recommend this product for you" and then have the card right there (instead of the url), or would that become 2 separate actions for the agent to do… canned response + then have the product card display?

thanks for the information!

Hello Melissa,

currently is separate from canned responses. Sending canned response and rich message would require indeed two separate actions. To make this a little bit easier, you can send the message from the message box so it’s all in one context.