Need Help for Live Chat Support?

Hanna Lee, here from United States. I am newly going to join a education based company which work to provides hnd assignment help online to student of hnd courses. Here I will work for chat support and I never ever doing this job first so, for this I need some help about chats. First how I can access chat panel and how to start chat first. There are so many question I have in my minds related to chats. My typing speed is not very fast so I think its also a main point in chat support. May someone tell me the complete steps and all about chat support?

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Hi @hannalee,

It’s great to see you in our community :slight_smile:
You can start by reading our knowledge base. You will find all important information about LiveChat there. I especially recommend:

LiveChat basics
LiveChat FAQ
Shortcuts in LiveChat

Also, reading the Agent’s Handbook is a must!

And if you master the basics, you can broaden your knowledge reading our blog posts - LiveChat Blog.

I hope it will help!