Navigation bar improvements

Hi, I’m Maciej - Chief Creative Officer at LiveChat. Quick shot - what are the 3 things you would like to change in our LiveChat’s left-hand navigation bar?

Add “bots” to the navigation bar? Currently you have to go to agents, then bots to get to them.

Add a button to connect directly to chatbot login? We review our Chatboat conversations daily, it would be nice to have an option to get to those and the chatbot system directly from the LiveChat app.

Have the agents button, show a notification of agents that are currently online? Kind of how the tickets button, shows a red circle notification of how many unassigned tickets you have. At a glance, it would be nice to always see how many agents are active, no matter what area in the app you are in.

That’s my 3 cents! :smiley:

Interesting! Thank you, Melissa! :heart:

How about making it customisable by the admin for all users? By that I mean have a pre-defined number of icons for different areas of LiveChat but allow an admin to drag/drop different icons to suit what works best for their use case.

That would allow the admin to set the most appropriate layout for all users under the licence. The trouble with asking the community for feedback is that we all have different use cases so what works for one person likely won’t for another e.g. we don’t use chatbots so the other suggestion in this thread would simply add clutter for us.

Dan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Let me go deeper into this - what problem does it solve for you? Making it customizable would help you work faster? What problems do you have with the current nav bar during your daily work? Should it be customizable by the admins for all agents or by agents individually?

Hey there =)

  1. Knowledgebase
  3. Giving marketplace items ability to display there?
    Like: Salesforce CRM, Zoho and etc… :thinking:

BTW: shortcut for switching will be helpful =)

Shortcut to switch between Chat’s to Visitor List, Tickets and etc…

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Hi Maciej,

I’d say the problem solved is giving the admin the flexibility to customise the interface for their users and de-clutter.

There are some things already on the nav bar and some being proposed here in this thread that would simply add clutter for my users and due to differing use cases between LiveChat customers I feel that a customisable nav bar would be much more appropriate, allowing admins to define exactly what agents see on the nav bar.

For example I’d probably want to limit users to just home, chats and archives - everything else is clutter and distracts.

Personally I feel it should be customisable only by an admin and then applied to all users under that licence. But you could give the admin the option of whether or not users can customise the nav bar individually if they wanted.

Hey Dan,
That totally makes sense. Thank you for your input on this! Adjustable nav bar seems like a pretty big task but I believe there are ways to get there with smaller steps. Stay tuned.
Thanks again!