Multiple Groups with different business schedules - Can there be an option within the console to manage this?


We’re facing a growing dilemma when it comes to multiple groups, where there are more than 4+ agents that are support 3 different support sites.

These sites only provide support to during staggered business which is causing problems when some sites or pages should appear offline, the agent which appears on active from another site is appearing online on a site that they should be offline.

Can your team develop a schedule dashboard that we can manage at group schedules at the group level similar to the Agents work schedules that can be managed by within the LiveChat console and NOT with the website’s code?

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" To further add to my note, this is the concern that has been raised by our digital and IT support team:
The major concern is with including administrative changes into the snippet and adding to production sites. The more we customize snippet the less we are able to manage administration through LiveChat console.

In the future, this may arise additional changes that we cannot drop on live site as quickly or effectively as we would like.

It is best you press LiveChat to help manage this via console and/or adjust team requirements.

In the end if it comes down to forcing these changes via production live sites."

Hello :wave:
I passed your request to our Product Team and it looks like that we are already aware of that problem.

So it may be not the case of days or weeks, but when something will change, I’ll let you know here in the thread.


We have something similar, Our live chat team are open longer than our outbound contact centre, rather than have someone create a lead and be called in the morning, we have chat pop up on the landing pages when the outbound teams are closed.

We just have the pages set up under a different chat group and add the agents into the group when we require the chat to go live. We do have tickets turned off for these pages so when we don’t have any agents in the group, it looks like chat is not even on the page.

Thanks for that tip… We are open to suggestions but looking for a more permanent solution.

It’s a challenge when working with 3 different web sites(ie: Site A, Site B and Site C). One of our major groups has 90% of the agent’s support who are also in 3 different groups that manage 3 of those sites on staggered 3 work shift schedules and some agents live different timezones. While 2 groups shares support for one main contact page.

This is the schedules we are trying to work with:
//Group A: (09:00-19:00 (Mon to Fri)
//Group B: (8:00-21:00 (Mon - Thu), 08:00-18:00 (Fri), 09:00-17:00 (Sat - Sun))
//Group C: (09:00-17:00 (Mon - Fri)

When shift 1 is done, they are already in Shift 2 and/or 3 or both. This means that if agents are in Shift 2 and 3 are online for 2 different sites, they are still showing available on another website(s) that they should be offline. Our URL rules have grown to a point that it’s really difficult to maintain, there’s a lot of overhead with limited staff.

LiveChat scheduling would be more effectively managed at a group level rather than at the agent level. If the agent schedules themselves to be offline at a specific time, they are unavailable to all groups, the agent does not have a choice to select which groups to be offline in.

The results have shown the chat unavailable across all 3 sites which are not a great client experience.

If there was a scheduled dashboard that we can create schedules per group(s) it would make more sense.

That way, we would not have to customize the LiveChat code: should there be any future changes to the business support schedules or to search through a maze of almost 50+ URL rules to update groups/pages.

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Hi Lukaz_W,
Just following up on this issue. Its becoming very impacting to our organization with growing demand in the community that we serve. We’ll be hosting more sites where many agents are being stretched over multiple domains that is causing conflict between different departments and teams that are managing these sites. Some sites are owned by other business partners and they do not want any further manipulations of their existing code due to locked in projects and security risk issues. Any way that group schedule management can be designed within the LiveChat Console? Can the development team comment on this?

Hello again :wave:
I’ll get in touch with them and get back to you with an answer :slight_smile:

We have the same problem. We need to have schedule hours by group.
Do you have any solutions now ?

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Any one can confirm? this problem is solved or not, we need this ASAP.

We really need this too! We are starting this service in our companies in August but we really need to be able to set the times for each group. We can adjust colors and fonts for each group widget but not times?

Is there an ETA for this project?

Any one can confirm? this problem is solved or not, we need this ASAP.

I asked our team and it looks like we have this on our roadmap; I will get to know if there is any ETA and will get back to you with an answer.