Multiple agents on one page / Typo3

We need to implement a feature on Typo3 to show several agents and with the status (online/offline). Is there a best practice to do this with LiveChat?

Hi Theo!

the simplest solution would be to create a group for each agent, I’m attaching a guide on how to create groups below:

each agent should have their own group and the group name should be the same as agents name.

Once that’s done, you can head here:
to modify the pre-chat survey (Settings → Chat surveys & forms → Pre-chat survey)
and add the element called “group selection”

this will let you ask visitors a question, and based on the answer route to a specific group,
for example:
“who would you like to chat with?”
and answers
“John” → route to group “John”
“Mike” → route to group “Mike”
visitors will also be able to see the agent/group status when choosing an answer.

I hope that’s helpful,
in case of any additional questions - let me know or reach our support team via chat, we’ll be happy to assist :slight_smile: