Moments - rich message enhancement


We’re preparing a new feature called Moments and would like to give you an exclusive sneak peek that shows how it works.

Moments allow you to show any web application during a chat and let customers perform specific actions.

Think about Moments as a solution for difficult tasks to handle during a conversation. When a task is hard to perform using text messages, or requires a lot of effort from your customer to collect requested data, Moments can make your process much more accessible. The feature allows you to solve a problem without the need to leave a chat.

From a technical point of view, it’s a web page embedded in an iframe shown during a chat.

Sample use cases:

• Meetings scheduling
• Payment system
• Seat picker
• Articles view

In the beginning, Moments will be triggered only by the rich message button, which is currently supported only by chatbots created via

We will release docs soon, and we are still working on new possibilities to bring Rich messages to your conversations.

Feel free to leave your feedback below.



Hi all,

We’ve updated Moments documentation and linked example apps.

We’ve built Calendly integration using Moments, you can install it in our Marketplace.


Hey Konrad, Nice feature.

  1. How about getting leads to Calendly when there is no available agent?
  2. Sending Articles from ?
  3. Contact form (for getting feedback)

Hi Roy!

How about getting leads to Calendly when there is no available agent?

Currently, Moments application (like Calendly) has to be sent in conversation as a rich message. When agents are not available, you can use a chatbot and set its priority in a group as secondary.

However, we are working on the possibility to allow customers to use Moments app before starting a chat. We will publish more details soon.

Sending Articles from ?

Two weeks ago our integration with KB was updated to send articles as Moments.

Contact form (for getting feedback)

The feature I mentioned in the first answer will allow developers to build own integration, including custom contact forms.


Good day folks,

I would like to understand if it is possible to send a Moment using the Agent API. My use case is that I have custom chat bots that use the Agent API to communicate back to the visitor.
I would like to be able to send back a DatePicker in the same way as how I currently use the API to return a response card or quick replies etc.

Is this possible?


Hello @cxengage,

To send Moment app you should use Rich message with “webview” button type:

    "template_id": "cards",
    "elements": [{
        "title": "Select a date",
        "subtitle": "Click  'Open Moment'  button to open date picker",
        "buttons": [{
            "type": "webview",
            "text": "Open Moment",
            "postback_id": "open_moment",
            "user_ids": [],
            "webview_height": "full",
            "value": ""

More details:

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Hi @Konrad,

Thank you for this snippet. It is very helpful.

I will test this out and provide feedback.

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Hi @Konrad,

I have a quick follow up question relating to the Moments SDK.

Is it possible to send through a postback value using


in the momentsSDK?

Unfortunately, from what I can see, the postback value cannot be sent with the sendMessage method available in Moments SDK.