Missed Chat Report - what do you consider a missed chat?

Our LiveChat was updated and we now have the “Missed Chat” report in the reports tab. I see it is basically a total of how many clients started a chat but closed the chat without saying anything after the automated greeting has displayed.

I would actually consider a missed chat being the visitor said something and the agent didn’t reply and then the chat was closed. - to me that is a missed chat (the agent actually missed an opportunity to converse) and a missed opportunity. The way it is set up now, the agent displays a greeting but the visitor had nothing to say, I take that more as the visitor changed their mind from having a conversation, they chose not to engage.

Thoughts? What do other people use the “Missed Chat” report for?

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Hi @melissa.hannam,

We really appreciate your feedback. I passed it to our product team.

I understand your point, but Greetings aren’t treated as messages from agents as they don’t require the agent’s presence. However, the pre-chat survey is treated as a message from a visitor as a person can use it to ask a question.

We know we don’t cover all the use cases, but we designed it based on that reasoning.