Looking for a developer to help identify returning visitors by their email instead of browser cookies

Our live chat has a lot of returning visitors for tech support issues, and our agents have noticed that a returning visitor’s chat history is only retained if the visitor is using the same browser (based on browser cookies). We are looking for a way to identify returning visitors based on the email address they enter in the pre-chat form, so that when they reach out to us again on a separate device, their previous chat history is retained. I believe this is possible to develop on the back-end, but have no development experience, so am looking for some direction on who could potentially get this done.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I believe its possible based on these two articles, but just no idea where to start or what kinda developer can do this.

Hi there @Noah, it seems that the visitor id can be picked up before the chat widget is loaded, meaning the pre-chat form is not really an option. I am wondering what other identifications maybe available for the use case (ie Google analytics visitor id?) that might persist across devices.
I am Marios, co-founder of chatengineers.com. Would you like to setup a call to explore & discuss possibilities?