LiveChatApi - X-Author-Id not working

I have a backend bot that sends a chat event to the customers using live chat API{{api_version}}/agent/action/send_event

It works well if I want to send the message as me but the issue is that I want to post the message as a bot and not as me.

When I use the bot id in the header as X-Author-Id (as suggested in the docs) it gives an error.
“error”: {
“type”: “validation”,
“message”: “Invalid author_id value”

so what does this means? How do I solve this issue?
FYI bot id is correct as if I use the wrong id it gives

Bot agent <BOT_ID> does not exist

Will be great if some one could help me with it.

Thanks in advace

This is so crazy after spending two days seems there is a conflict between the api versions


Those bot created with 3.1 it works when I pass it’s id to X-Author-Id but if the bot is created with 3.2 it doesnt work.

So whats the difference over here and is it possible to get it working with 3.2?
Or should I downgrade to use 3.1?



Those methods are a bit different but they should not affect sending an event as a bot -> the only requirement is sending an event with the author_id header that includes the ID of the bot created on a license.

Maybe there’s something wrong with the request. If you are still experiencing those issues, it would be great if you could provide us with the whole request that you send.

This was a bit confusing. When a bot is created with Basic Auth ${client_id}:${client_secret}. I can’t use its id as X-Author-id but if its created using access_token it works. ‘Authorization: Bearer ${access_token}’. I yet didn’t get what’s the difference between bots created via basic and bearer token. But in my opinion, this should be documented.

Thanks, this thread is really helpful for me

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