LiveChat WordPress Plugin Page Performance Comparison

I am auditing my site’s performance to prepare for Google’s Core Web Vitals. One interesting metric is how the LiveChat WordPress Plugin appears to affect the performance score.

As a preliminary step, I am testing the current page performance with the Lighthouse tab in the dev tools. I ran the tool numerous times in Google Incognito. On average, the page performance score significantly increases by 22% when the plugin is deactivated.

Sample Results:
Plugin Deactivated
Mobile Test Page - Performance Score 76
Plugin Activated
Mobile Test Page - Performance Score 60

Can your team provide how the plugin influences page speed and how can I reduce the the load?


You might be interested in this article in our Help Center:

In general, LiveChat does slow down a bit the loading of a page, just as any additional plugin.
But the influence over the overall user experience is not that severe.

Although this is an old post, now that Google’s Core Web Vitals has been released, Live Chat is at the top of it’s list for our site. If I remove LiveChat the can pass the CWV. Putting the code back causes it to fail miserably. Is there any updates to the implementation to improve this?