LiveChat WordPress Plugin Page Performance Comparison

I am auditing my site’s performance to prepare for Google’s Core Web Vitals. One interesting metric is how the LiveChat WordPress Plugin appears to affect the performance score.

As a preliminary step, I am testing the current page performance with the Lighthouse tab in the dev tools. I ran the tool numerous times in Google Incognito. On average, the page performance score significantly increases by 22% when the plugin is deactivated.

Sample Results:
Plugin Deactivated
Mobile Test Page - Performance Score 76
Plugin Activated
Mobile Test Page - Performance Score 60

Can your team provide how the plugin influences page speed and how can I reduce the the load?


You might be interested in this article in our Help Center:

In general, LiveChat does slow down a bit the loading of a page, just as any additional plugin.
But the influence over the overall user experience is not that severe.