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I use integration with livechat.
I am encountering the following annoying issue :

CASE 1 : When a greeting rule is triggered in livechat, the bot waits for user input without starting the automated START bot response story interaction.

CASE 2 : When disabling all greeting rules in livechat the bot does launch the automated START bot story interaction, which is the behavior I would expect.

Is there a way to use greeting rules in livechat and keep the automated START bot response?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Pierre!

It is made like this because we assumed that if a user clicked on a chat window there’s a very high probability that s/he wants to start a chat. The chat starts automatically in that case.

When a chat starts with greeting, a user need to make an action (click START) to start a conversation. In other case there would be a lot of empty chats on a license.

Unfortunately there’s no possibility to use the greeting rules in all the cases.

Hello Agnieszka

Thank you for your reply.

Maybe I misunderstood.

From our tests :
1.- Chat bubble without greetings => after user clicks, the chat window opens and chatbot starts automatically
2.- Chat bubble with greetings => after user clicks, the chat window opens but the chatbot does not start automatically
3.- Chat bubble with eye-catcher => after user clicks, the chat window opens and the chatbot starts automatically

In all three cases, the user has to click either on the greeting message or the bubble or the eye-catcher to open the chat window.

If I rephrase your explanations, the reason chatbot does not start in case 2.- only is because the greeting messages is considered as the beginning of the conversation despite the fact the user did not click yet to open the chat window? Is that correct?

Thank you for your input.

In the case 2nd a user needs to responde to the greeting and start a chat with bot - then the conversation starts.

Thank you for your reply, which confirms our findings…

I still do not understand the logical reason behind this beahavior in case 2.
In those three cases, the chat window remains closed until a user clicks to open it.

Furthermore, since the automated bot response is an option in, we would have expected the rule to apply.

Subject closed

Thanks a lot

It’s because it the 2nd case a user might be not interested in a conversation - s/he just sees a greeting - this is why we don’t treat it like a proper conversation.