LiveChat Update: New Reports Section

It seems we’re on fire with product updates lately, huh? :grimacing:

I wanted to let you know, that the Reports section gained a new look and some new, cool features (requested by our customers).

Take a look: Introducing redesigned Reports and new features | LiveChat Updates

Long story short: from now you can compare present with past data to see if you are on top of your goals and plan your shifts with ease thanks to a heatmap.

Let us know what you think!

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I like it! Love the new heatmap (it was one of my fav things in Chatbot, so glad you brought it over) and love the comparison tool!! We sometimes compare what happened at the same time last year, so this makes it much easier to do that than previous!

One glitch i’ve noticed, is the chat availability. It’s not a big deal, but it only clocks us as being available for 23hours and 59 mins each day. We are available 24 hours (we have Chatbot) and the old reports used to list it as 24hours. It seems that each night from the 11pm to midnight time frame, it’s only counting 59 mins, but when you go to the agent activity for that same time period, the full hour is reported.



Wow, Melissa thank you for spotting this issue! We already fixed it, and this change should be visible on Tuesday :slight_smile:


The 59 minute thing did fix itself on Tuesday, however it is back to showing only 59 minutes online for the past few days. Just FYI, not a super emergency. :slight_smile:

Hi Melissa, thanks again for the info! We had an unexpected problem with this but looks like it’s fixed for good! After tomorrow’s release you shouldn’t have this issue anymore :slight_smile:


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It now shows chat availability as 23 hours, 60 minutes… lol. I realize that is 24 hours, just gave me a chuckle.


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Hi there, we really like the new reporting updates. Is there anyway we can change the color of the comparison bars/lines? The dark blue vs light blue doesn’t lend well when presenting outside of the livechat application. Blue vs Red perhaps?

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Hi Hussein,
thank you very much for your kind feedback, we really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s not a bad idea to make these colors more distinct, and it would surely help in the charts’ clarity and usability! I’ll discuss this idea with our designers to make sure this solution is compatible with our style guide.