LiveChat Product Plan: Complex Routing Rules

Hi LiveChat community! I was wondering if LiveChat had plans for their product to support complex routing rules or pre-chat qualifications.

We are getting ready to rollout the tool next month but have had to do an extensive amount of client-side code to get things to route correctly.

I work for a software company that sells platform software and event software. We have sales representatives in North America, UK, and Melbourne. Customers can obviously come from all over the world but passing them off to a representative in their respective territory would be great. I was curious to see if LiveChat had any plans to expand their routing rules to say:

If Person A is from the UK and is interested in our event product, they will go to a group from the UK that specializes in events.


If Person A is from the United States and is interested in our platform software, they go to a solution expert in the United States.

In both scenarios Person A has had to meet 2 different qualifications: location (ip address) and product interest (platform or event).

Hi @jbatac,

Yes, we have plans to let users develop their own routings allowing customization of the chat flow, but I can’t give you the exact ETA.

For now, you could use the global webhooks (subscribe to events with new chats and add/remove agents from chats with customers), but it’s impossible to turn off the existing routing.


On a related note, we are planning to add the android SDK to our app. If we do that, will we be able to route chats coming from the android sdk to a specific chat group, like we currently do for chats coming from specific URLs?

Hi @bernardo

Yes, you will be able to route chats coming from the Android SDK to a specific chat group.

You just need to define the group ID in the configuration. You can do it here:

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