LiveChat Product Cards for Shopify 🔥

Hi LiveChat Users!

Our LiveChat & Shopify integration has just gained an awsome feature - Product Cards :fire::sparkles::heart_eyes:

To open a Product Cards section, click on the Shopify icon on the right side of the LiveChat Agent App.

The cards will be matched with your store’s offers and will consist of an image and a description of a product.

So when a visitor asks you for a product recommendation, you can easily browse for your store’s items within the LiveChat app using filters.

After you find the best matches, you can upload up to 10 cards and send it to your customer on chat.

As a result, a customer can save time as they can browse products in the chat window and you can deliver much better shopping experience.

Product Cards work out of the box. To get them, you need to integrate your Shopify store with LiveChat.


Just to follow up, Product Cards is the feature available in the BRAND NEW VERSION of the Shopify integration!

New integration provides a number of awesome new features including:

  • LiveChat window available on checkout
  • built-in dashboard where you can access core chat-related metrics
  • multi-store support
  • … and more!

Please check the Updates page to learn more about it!