LiveChat Operators Working From Home

For those of you who have LiveChat operators that work from home, how do you pay? Do you pay an hourly wage, or per chat or some other way?

My employer is open to expanding our chat hours of operation and is thinking evening or weekend chatting could happen from home, but is unsure of what pay structure to roll out.

With chat employees working from home, how do you keep them busy during any slow times when there are very limited or even no visitors chatting?
An employer probably wouldn’t want to pay someone if they are at home doing their laundry because there is no visitors needing assistance…


Hi Melissa!

We usually work from the office, but sometimes our Support Heroes work also from home. When they don’t have chats at the moment they take care of resolving cases from the ticket system. If there are no chats nor tickets at the moment they might make laundry or whatever at home but… it’s ok for us :smiley:

So maybe the good idea would be to have some 'backup tasks" like more complicated issues in the ticket system so people can resolve them when there are no clients.


Damn I’m looking forward to come in Poland, and bring my curriculum at LiveChat lol.
Expect my tip there tomorrow :joy:


Haha we keep looking for the new people!

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Can we connect the live chat option in my micro blog? How can I integrate it with simple website? Kindly guide me please.


In our help center you can find multiple guides for implementing live chat on our site:

If you need direct assistance, our Support Heroes will help you with that!
You can reach them via chat through this link:

Hope it will be helpful!