LiveChat on Mobile Devices

What does everyone think the best practice for LiveChat is on mobile? Our older customers seem to be struggling with a window that opens over the top of a current page so we are considering the option of opening LiveChat in a new tab. Do you think this will help?
How does everyone else navigate their LiveChat implementation with an older customer base?

Hey @catherined ! Thanks for bringing this up.

From my experience working with various businesses, most of our customers stick to the window that stays on the same page. There seem to be two main reasons for that:

  • Most of the websites, software pieces and services stick to that single window
  • An additional window popping up after clicking anywhere is now strongly associated with online scams and invasive ads that bring you out of the website you currently are.
    For these two reasons, we’d mostly recommend to stay on the window inside your website in most cases.

You mentioned however that you have a slightly older customer base to deal with - and they won’t necessarily have the same bad experiences with all the invasive popups that most of us do. There’s a chance that would work better for them in particular.
The only way to check it out - put it to action and closely observe both quality and quantity of chat engagements compared to the previous setup. Apart from observing these, you can also set up post-chat survey asking customers how convenient the chat was for them - and even ask them inside the chat itself if you find a moment in between!

The simplest way to achieve that would be to disable the chat on mobile layout completely - lease go to Settings > Chat window > Customization
or click on this link:
(Remember that only Admins and Owner have access to this section). Check mobile section there and disable LiveChat. Having done that, add a button to your website (include an image or text) and place a direct link in there:

Hope that helps!


Thanks Marcin! Great point about a new window being associated with online scams and invasive ads…I’d never considered that.

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We are face Live Chat not work properly on my mobile Samsung Galaxy J3

Hi! Could you please describe me what exactly seems to be the problem?

Thank you for reply my problem is solved now no have any issued faced this time.