LiveChat is penalizing customers from using HelpDesk

Firstly Zendesk is priced at $5/user. If we use livechat, it’s cheaper to integrate with zendesk then using the native Helpdesk solution. Why? Helpdesk forces us to use the higher “team” plan of $19/mo to have the LiveChat integration.

I think there’s some pricing issue that needs to be ironed out. Otherwise, Zendesk is the obvious choice in terms of pricing. At least provide livechat integration in the starter plan of helpdesk to compete.


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Hi! :slight_smile:

Indeed, the integration with Zendesk is cheaper, but it’s not as efficient solution as using LiveChat with HelpDesk.

It’s not only sending the data between the systems as in the previous case, it’s also the possibility to use both systems within one app with the same agent’s accounts, tags, etc.

Anyway, I passed your feedback to the HelpDesk team, thanks! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter. It comes from the same company and it should very well be integrated and supported. The pricing now just alienate current livechat customer from even trying helpdesk if they are using zendesk/freshdesk or other solution

For instance, Zendesk main product is helpdesk and their zendesk chat/ talk / guide is integrated in all of their plans. It doesn’t make any sense why livechat is not even integrated in the lowest helpdesk plan when it comes from the same company?

Just my 2 cents. I think it’s wise to integrate even for the lowest helpdesk plan so livechat customers can try it out and upgrade to the higher tier if needed down the road.

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Ok, thanks for reaching out!

It’s still valuable insights for us, we’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

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