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I want to ask you a question My website is How I can use this feature and get any kind of profit through it right now I am using simple live chat on my website so if you brief me it will help me to install this software and i will aware of it’s features

Hi @mayank.bisht,

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I saw that you logged to the LiveChat app but haven’t installed it on your site yet.

1. Log in to your LiveChat account and go to Settings → Channels → Chat widget .

2. Then, click on Copy code .

3. Paste the code to your website’s source code before the </body> tag.

4. Once you’ve successfully added the LiveChat code to your website, refresh the page . You should see a chat widget in the bottom right corner.

  • You can also use one of our integrations to set up LiveChat.

  • And if you experience any problems, please contact our team on chat. Our support agents can assist you while completing the installation process.

When it comes to LiveChat, the software can help you improve many aspects starting from customer communication, lead generation and sales.

The tool comes with chat engaging features such as customizable eye-catchers and personalized chat greetings that help you attract visitors and connect them on your website.

The chat tools such as canned responses, shortcuts and file sharing allow you to answer queries much faster and handle more than one case at a time.

You can use LiveChat to measure your chat sales and performance.

Thanks to the LiveChat Ticketing System , you can handle communication after hours. Plus, you can take advantage of 130+ LiveChat integrations with 3rd party tools and services.

If you wish to learn more about LiveChat, I recommend reading these materials:

Hope it helps!

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Can they contact me

Can I talk with an agent

Hi @student.astine,

If you wan to talk with our agents, just contact them on chat