Live Chat bubble icon issue

I am facing an issue which is very much odd. I can’t seem to get my bubble icon working the animation which is by default in livechat bubble, it is showing person icon. When i change the icon from bar to bubble it shows in the preview the correct animation. After saving the changes i check it on my site and it does not reflect it.
Whats more odd is that when i reload the live chat page it also reverts back to old icon in the preview. Attaching screenshots for reference.

Icon i need:

Icon i get on my website and livechat dash after reload:

Note: My site is in React Typescript and im showing the widget by wrapping the widget in a component and then showing he component in my App component but i don’t think it makes any difference as im also facing the issue on livechat dashboard.

Hello @rafay !
After showing greeting, bubble is preset to show a picture of the agent, and if there is none available, it will show this pseudo avatar.

If you don’t want it to happen, you can turn off showing Agent’s picture in
Settings>Chat Widget>Customization>Additional Tweaks

Hope it helps!