Linking chat users to "user_id" from our own system

We are currrently trialing the livechat widget. We have got it installed on our webpage. Only logged in users with a unique user_id on our system will be using the widget.

How do we ensure the users that get created on LiveChat are link/coupled with their unique “user_id” from our system? I have looked at a couple of documentation pages (this and this), and tried getting help via the general support live chat but I am still lost.

We need to ensure their chat history travels with them when they switch devices, and that users sharing a device/browser do not see each other’s chat histories.

Can someone explain to me the overall steps to achieve this? Once I understand that I might ask for more specific code examples.


Your use case sounds like you’ll want to use the Custom Identity Provider solution (you’ve found the doc for it)

Scenario you have described is its exact purpose, good place to start would be the example of such implementation you can find here:

The ‘readme’ includes guidelines on how to run the project

running the project locally and investigating how it works should allow you for better understanding on how to implement this kind of solution on your end.

Should you encounter any issues - please submit an issue to the github project and I’ll have it looked into :slight_smile:

Kind regards!

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