Let's have a look on the NEW GREETINGS section!

Hi there!
I know it’s been a while since we were mentioning greetings here, but we have some great news!
We are now working on how to make managing and adding greetings easier for you and would love to hear your feedback, exchange experiences and brainstorm ideas.
How about meeting for a 20min Zoom call to test our brand new greetings section and configuration flow before the release?
It’s your chance to tell us what you think and suggest what we should focus on in 2020.

Feel free to schedule a meeting with Ania, our UX researcher here: https://calendly.com/livechatresearch/new-greetings-section

Your honest feedback would mean the world to us!

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I’d be happy to help! I’ve booked a time for tomorrow!

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Hello there =)

  1. Video’s/Gif’s inside the greetings
  2. More customized replies:

When customer logged in to the system, give us ability to display customer name inside the greetings.

Like: Hey #John, do you have any questions?

Same way: #ProductName; #ProductPrice, #DiscountedPrice, #Orderid #balane and etc…

Like: Hey #John, Chat with us and get 100 USD running shoes for 60 USD =)

As I See your balance is 5.00 $, need help with depositing money?

  1. Make greetings location based and make multilingual support

  2. Call to action buttons will be helpful !

Sometimes customers just want to:
Get Discount, upsell product without chatting …

Like: Hey John, buy this t-shirt and get free shipping (During checkout).
CTA: Add to cart / Chat with support…
(With your product card integration)

Also CTA that help user to “apply discount code”
(Will be nice if you integrate this with UTM Tracking).

This solution: Reduce support time; Upsell product; Will be personalized.

  1. AI Greetings + Product card integration;

Offer right products via greetings at the right time.

  1. Page Scroll rule ;

Show greeting only - when 20%; 50%; 70%; 100% page will scrolled by user

  1. Display greetings even all agents are offline

  2. Out of stock greeting;

Display greeting and capture lead when customer looking out of stock products (Can be integrated with Chat bot).

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  • A/B Testing for greetings !