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Every two weeks we will publish a new tip from experts on customer communication, CX and support.

Today, we can hear from Małgorzata Świerczak, a Product Manager at LiveChat. On a daily basis, she crafts product strategy to deliver features that are shaping the experience of our clients and millions of their customers.

Let’s hear what she has to say about receiving feedback:

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This time we will give the mic to Paulina Zawadzka, our Tech Support at LiveChat. She’s an indispensable help for customers when it comes to any tech matters in the app. Paulina knows how to lead conversations with customers to deliver accurate solutions.

Let’s see how she approaches customer chats so that she can give snappy answers.

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This time we’re at the frontline of our support.
Justyna Gładysz, our today’s expert, faces our customers on daily basis, dealing with the questions they have about our software.

Let’s see what she has to say about human approach, a must-have feature, when it comes to direct customer support:

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