Layout Change - Front End

Good Morning!
Have you definitely changed Livechat’s Front End?
Can’t get back to the old mode?

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Hi! Unfortunately not - we don’t support the old design anymore.

new layout is terrible. not functional. NOT symmetrical. kills the workflow. disappointing. does not make any sense. is it for right eyed only ?

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New layout is horrible. Looking for new chat services as we speak. Nothing was wrong with the old format.

Agreed- it’s not functional and super sloppy.

I’m afraid that the old UI was removed yesterday completely from our software. Unfortunately it’s not possible to change back. We informed our customers about this change through the last month about this decision.

The sole reason for that is the fact that developing both UI’s simultaneously was not possible due to outdated backend of the old one, which is not possible to keep up with the features that we’re implementing.

Give a chance to the new UI! I’m sure that it will prove it’s value throughout your usage. It’s prepared to follow the development of the rest of the software, including advanced reports, continuous chats, history in the chat widget, rich messages (!), moments and new API.

Also for me it will be the reason to move to another chat provider. This UI is very annoying, it doesn’t give me a good quick overview on what’s going on on my website. When you made this new UI available last year, there were many comments already. But it does not look like these comments were leading to any improvement/changes. I’m wondering how many of your users (%) kept working in the old UI.

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I understand that you were used to the old design. We made a lot of research among our users and the feedback was really good (only 3% of agents decided to work on the old one).

Could you please let me know what exactly you don’t like in the new design?

Ok, 3% is enough reason to stop updating the old version, I agree. I also agree that sometimes one simply needs to get used to a new design.
What I miss is the quick overview without clicking, scrolling, just as a monitor. I could see more easily on which page clients were on the website. Now it’s a column that is too narrow to see the entire title and I’m not able to make it wider. Yes, I can click on the specific visitor, but that means it’s more then a monitor, I need to go to the screen and click and not just a quick view aside. And more, but I can’t compare the views anymore now.
No worries, I wish you all the luck and I’m going to test some other providers. As I got an anual subscription, I’m with you for 6 more months…

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Thanks for understanding! Our product owners are reading these topics so they’re up to date with your suggestions, guys :slight_smile: I really hope you’ll get used to the new one and will stay here forever, not only the 6 months :smiley:

just admited it that new live chat design n UI is horrible… missed many of my customer chat, the idle chat doesnt pop up to front row… do voting to bring back old livechat, PATHETIC !!

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My concern with this is it seems to tie into wider plans to remove the “popup” or direct chat link windows (e.g. Go to Channels > chat link and test your links - ours are all totally dead and not loading) though there are workarounds. LiveChat’s plan seems to be to only have the embedded on page (JavaScript) option. For us this presents a challenge as we have multiple facets and websites, some of which use their own JavaScript code (we’re an MSP) to switch between in house systems and LiveChat and the popup window really works best for that. I’d like to keep the option please! The popup window also seems to work best on some mobile and/or apps.

We only found this out after contacting support after noticing one of our direct links no longer worked and that was put down to using an “old popup window”! This was news to us (that does not appear to have been communicated - therefore as far as I’m concerned functionality now broken that should be working) and we eventually found it was related to the “new design”. Though initially we were told the popup window would be removed at the “end of the year”!

It seems “end of the year” is not the case and we have been told we can use it as long as needed but there’s still a horrendous lack of communication from the “product owners” @ Agnieszka. I’d really like to see some sort of roadmap for the next 12 months

Hi! We’ve changed it because a lot of our clients complained that the chat circles were moving and it was distracting. However, all the unreplied chats are still marked with red circles.

Hi @Dan!

I’m sorry that you experienced problem with this not working direct chat link. As you mentioned - there’s a workaround for that. However, our team is already informed and will resolve it.

According to the pop-up chat window: we’re working on support for our clients who are using this kind of chat window. No worries - it will not be turned off from day to day without any communication or support :slight_smile:

I have reached out a few times regarding the new update as it is not functional for anyone who is training or managing agents. I was told numerous times my issues would be fixed before the update was forced upon us and I still have yet to have anyone contact me. The “supervising” function is completely useless and to be honest the entire update is messy. It’s way too “bubbly” and nowhere near as functional as it once was.

For me to supervise more than one agent or more than one chat, I have to keep two windows open to ensure I don’t miss any incoming chats that need to be supervised. The old layout allowed me to see all incoming chats and supervise on one page.
It is counterproductive for us to have to keep two tabs open, one to monitor for new incoming chats to supervise, and another to supervise the single chat. Or, i have to click “stop supervising” everytime and then reclick “supervise” for each chat to be able to see the specific chat while being able to monitor other incoming chats?

Why would it be set up so that we have to go to two different pages instead of being able to do it one one like we have been? It literally doubles the time it takes for me to supervise each chat- and there is no way for me to monitor incoming new chats from the left side “chats” tab- which is the only tab I can actually view the chats I am supervising

The archives is super sloppy and nearly impossible to quickly review when having to check each chat throughout the day.

I was told by an agent that they would personally speak to the department needed to provide a fix for this before the update started. When can I expect someone to actually contact me? I reached out twice since the update started since I still have yet to hear back.

Hi @SaRTA!

I’m sorry for your bad experience with supervising chats!

I’ve just talked with product team about it. They’ll be working on simplifying the supervised chats, but don’t have any ETA yet. I also passed your message to our UX designer and I’ll keep you up to date with all the changes.

Hi again!

We’d love to work closer with you guys and hear more your feedback!

If you want to have an impact on what we’re working on, please take a look at these topics:

(it’s about the design of a navigation bar in LiveChat app)

(it’s about beta testing our new feature, we’re really excited about it :D)