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It’s Michal here – the product owner of – the tool that helps your LiveChat agents and website visitors find the answers they need.

Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, and feedback on, as I’d love to have you onboard while discussing about the future of KnowledgeBase.

So, shall we start a discussion here? :see_no_evil:

Hi @Michal. Wanted to ask first, if we can have a separate access to knowledge base. One for clients and one for internal use, something similar to a guide. Is that possible?

Hi @georgek

could you specify a bit more what did you mean by the separate access for your clients and for internal use?

Did you mean a separate access to the panel, or just to the help articles in Knowledge Base?

If the later, it’s currently possible with Public Help Center (displaying only the articles with public status) and Internal Help Widget in LiveChat app (displaying both the articles with Internal and Public status).

Looking forward to getting more information! :slight_smile:

Considering that the internal part is a service/support provider, it would be very helpful having a knowledge base with information that can be directly accessible. Something that an FAQ/Canned response with images, links, tables any anything else needed.

Obviously, this info should not be shared via the same knowledge base to the public/visitors.
They should have a custom, visitor oriented Knowledge base that can be also linked to any AI bot for faster results.

So the question is, can the Chat agent have his own knowledge base for his own convenience while visitors share a different knowledge base?

@georgek, hmm I guess what you talk about is exactly the Internal Knowledge Base Widget, which is presented here:

As long as you publish an article as internal ones, they will be visible only to your agents in the LiveChat application (just like shown in the above link).

Also, just like you mentioned, in the Internal Widget, you have AI that suggests your agents the article with the answer.

You can read everything about the internal widget, the AI suggestions and Quick Replies in our help center:

Is it what you were looking for?

Yes, this was exactly what I meant.
Great, many thanks @Michal

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What’s updates here?

The features:

Custom Domain and LC group support should be done 3 Month ago but there are no updates.

I Think there no progress in this project.

It’s supposed to be a good project =(

Hi Roy,

custom domains are still in the beta phase, so if it’s crucial for you, we can discuss the current pros&cons via email and then if they’re OK with you, we can work on it exclusively.

It’s quite a complex topic, mainly because of the admin/domain side.

Could you drop me a line at

Sorry for the delays, Roy :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi =)

Any updates about custom domain? or it’s still in beta phase?


Hi Roy! I’ve checked it with our KB team and it’s the first thing on their to-do list, it should be available in June.

Hi again @Roy! I’ve just got a message from our KB team that custom domains are already working! Could you please drop an email to so he could give you the early access?

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Hi @Michal any ETA for this feature?

knowledge base import

Hi Ruben! Which feature do you mean exactly?

knowledge base import

Hi @Ruben, this is not something that we’re working on at the moment, but we plan on doing it in the near future.

In the meantime, you can email me at and we’ll see if we could do the import right now.

Hi @jedrzej , i been try to contact you by this email, but nobody answer :confused:

Your message landed in spam :confused: I sent a reply and I hope that we will get a solution soon :slight_smile: