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I have been asked to set up and manage the Knowledge base for our LiveChat customer facing team. I’m stuck. I’m reading the instructions and feels like I am just not getting it. In my head I see a pop up “Livechat” and then the customer can click “find out myself - check the knowledge base” or “Please let me talk to a human” I am not very technical (did you guess!) and I really need some basic talk and instruction to understand if that vision is correct or just a dream and if it’s correct how do I make it happen?

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Hi Easter!

the vision you have (that there’s a knowledge base in the chat widget, where users can decide if they want to chat or visit articles) is on its way to be released soon – you’ll be able to test it on our page and in our web app soon, but we still need some time until it’ll be available for customers.

For now, Knowledge Base serves two use-cases:

There’s a workaround though (I’ve seen it in our customer’s chat), that they just added a “Welcome message” in the pre-chat survey with the link to their Help Center if someone prefers self-service materials (example).

Would that work for you?


You might want to explore setting up a bot as a Work around for clients to access knowledge on their own before having to talk to a live agent. LiveChat wrote a blog about this to help explain or set up. It might help!


This is great – I think I have “almost” got it

However, so if the Knowledge base is a separately published page we are saying that you have to add a link to that into the web page – and the viewer does not start a “chat” instead they click the link that takes them off to the knowledge base.

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Hi Julia,

yes, it works exactly that way. Please keep in mind, that by default you have your chat widget installed on the Knowledge Base and the chat sessions is sustained, so the same user can read the article and start a chat if still needed.

Does it solve all your doubts? :slightly_smiling_face:

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