Is this Possible?

Hello, I’ve set up LiveChat to course guests to explicit gatherings dependent on certain watchwords in the URL as we need those operators to manage those inquiries first. That is the best working incredible, nonetheless, if the specialists in that gathering are not accessible (occupied or disconnected), we don’t have an alternative to divert guests to another gathering of operators that I can see.

Is that something that should be possible, or be actualized?


great to see you here!
Technically it is possible but there are certain limitations,
once a visitor enters a page and our code is loaded, chat window is assigned a group.
After that, group can’t be changed in any other way than a transfer.
So that gives us 2 options.

  1. before loading our code, retrieve status of the group that you’d like to assign on the page using this method from our API:
    Configuration API | LiveChat Platform Docs & API Reference
    this will let you know about groups you have agents available in,
    if the group you wanted to load by default is unavailable you can conditionally define another available group directly in our code

property as per example here:

and then load the LiveChat code.

  1. You could implement a bot, either a custom one or with use of ChatBot (
    the bot can be available 24/7 and supports a transfer action which would allow you to configure the transfer to a different group if no agents in current group are available to take the chat.

I hope that helps!