Is there any API to figure out when the customer leaves?

I want to ask about API. I’ll make an integration app with Livechat
Can I know when the customer leaves?
If the customer enters their email or phone number and he leaves the chat pages, then is there an API for that status?
I want to get the trigger when the customer leaves the chat pages.

If this is not possible, Is there any API for checking the customer status(Chat active/inactive)? For example, Send a message to users that have long inactivity on your website, or can I check the time when the customer does not reply to us? I mean checking the inactive time like this.


Hi! :wave:

All of the Callbacks for the chat window are available here:

so there are a few things you may find useful, such as callback on customer-status-changed

However, when visitor leaves the chat page, we simply timeout the user and no longer track him, there is no callback or event for this.

I hope it helps!

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