Is it possible to split out FULL NAME into two fields, "first name" and "last name"?

I’m having a difficult time posting FULL NAME into our CRM system using ZAPIER. Our CRM wants two fields “first name” and “last name”… but the pre-chat survey only gives us “FULL NAME”. Does anyone have a suggested workaround? Or, is there an easy solution I’m just missing as a newbie? Thanks!

Hello, @dan.soschin,

Could you tell us what CRM do you use?

Velocify - it is a niche system for the borrower/financial services and education verticals. We are using Zapier to push LiveChat data into the system.

The only workaround here would be to add a separate field in the survey. Then, you will be able to map this additional field in Zapier, as it will be the part of the webhook.

Check out this guide – here you can find out how to add an additional field.

Thank you. I will implement that work around for our team. I appreciate your help/support on this item. Cheers, Dan