Invalid_scope for non-admin Agents

I have an Agent App Widget that works great for Agents that are Admin but fails for non-Admins because of an “invalid_scope” error on the onIdentityFetched.

The Scopes I added to “App scopes and API access” in the Developer Authorization window are:


All seem to have “normal” as the role in the documentation so they are not limited to Admin

When I log in as Admin the “data” from the onIdentityFetched(error, data) returns the following scopes, so they match the authorized scopes.
scopes: (4) [“chats–access:ro”, “chats–all:ro”, “chats–my:ro”]

But when I log in as a normal Agent the data from the onIdentityFetched(error, data) is empty and the error is “invalid_scope” so what is invalid about my scope?

thank you,

It seems that we have bug and scope “chats–all:ro” does not work as intended.

We are investigating this issue and I will get back to you as soon as I will know something more.


Hello Michal, Happy New Year.
Do you have an estimate on when this might be fixed?

thank you,

Hey happy new year :slight_smile:

Looks like I have passed incorrect information.
We indeed have a bug but in the documentation only ( this time :wink: ).

Scope chats–all:ro is supposed to be used by administrators.

Sorry for misleading you.

Thank you, I was being silly, I don’t need them to have access to all they just need access to their own. Which they do.
Thank you again for following up! :slight_smile:

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