Integrate with Salesforce Community based product


We are a Salesforce ISV. We have a community-based product listed on Salesforce Application Exchange. We are looking for some 3rd party chat solution to integrate with our product. I go through developer community and other place but did not find how to start.
I like to know that Can I use this tool for my use case or some pointer, how to process it.

My Product :

  • My Product is Salesforce Community base. Something like a microsite.

  • Agent (Sales reps) create a room and invite different customers to rooms.

  • Customers are known contacts and they need to login to join a room.

  • Room can have multiple Agents and multiple customers. All are shown in a specific location of a room.

  • Agent and customer have many to many relationships. Both can have in multiple rooms.

My Requirements :

  • If an agent is logged-in in Salesforce/chat console then his status should show online/available to customers and other agents in the room.

  • If a customer is logged in in room then his status should show online/available to all other members of the room.

  • Customer should have option to send message to any specific aganet who is part of room. (Via agent user pic)

  • Whenever customer send a message to Agent, then there should be data related to customer and room (i.e. Customer name, email, Room name, Account details, Product details). So agent have clear idea regarding customer and rooms.

  • If the conversation between Agent and customer is not first time, then there should be old chat.

  • Some tracking and notification feature (Nice to have).

Hi @skharwar! You’re in the right place :slight_smile: Did you have a chance to take a look at our Developer Platform :point_right:

Hi @Agnieszka,

Yes, I go through that page but I did not get any pointer to start. Can you please specify any specific link which fulfills my requirements?

In a nutshell, I like to provide an option to my customer to select an agent from the list to chat and when they start this chat then I like to send some salesforce CRM data to Agent. So that he has a clear idea regarding the context of chat with any old chat message.

Sanjay Kharwar

Hello @skharwar :wave:

I’m afraid that at LiveChat we focus on the 1to1 communication that includes a visitor speaking with an agent. In other words, more of a support-oriented communication rather than the open chat room.

However, we do have the Groups functionality available at LiveChat. Groups will allow you to create separate departments within your LiveChat license, to which you can assign separate agents. Then you can assign a specific group to a specific page in your Salesforce ISV system, either by specifying the group ID in LiveChat snippet or by using URL Rules that we have available within our product. When the customer will log into your website and will be redirected to a specific “room,” you can also load a specific group that is available at LiveChat. Unfortunately the customer him/herself won’t be able to choose an agent that he’d like to speak with among different agents assigned to a specific group (unless you will create separate group for each separate agent on your license, and then use a custom group chooser or an avatar-like button that will be linked with a direct chat link available at LiveChat). You will also not be able to see or speak with other customers on a website. If you would be interested in such a solution, you can read more about groups here:

In terms of agents/customers statuses :
This is possible in terms of agents → whenever an agent will log into the system the native chat widget that is assigned to a website (room) will change the status from offline to online, giving the customer option to start a conversation. We don’t have such option available for customers, but whenever a customer will visit the room with a page, LiveChat will start tracking him and display him as a new/returning customer in the Traffic section of our app. You can also pass over additional information about the customer (like name/email, info about the page/room he’s in) via session variables available at LiveChat:

All of that (except for a custom group chooser) is available “out of the box” at LiveChat, so you won’t need to do much in terms of the development, but as your use-case is strictly room-based, I’m not sure if we are the best solution for you. Nevertheless, if you wouldn’t mind working around some things, you can try to develop such a solution with the use of LiveChat for sure :slightly_smiling_face:
In case that you would like to build his own chat widget entirely on your own, you should definitely get familiar with our Customer Chat API that is available here:

Here you will learn how the backend of our widget communicates with our servers, so that you can create his own “logic” (based on the available methods of course, so you won’t be create dedicated rooms per say for example) and link it with your own front-end as well. You should also get familiar with the Authorization section of our docs (, especially Customer authorization flow that is used to authorize Customer Chat API calls:

One important disclaimer though: we do not provide help when it comes to custom development, so the coding part is entirely at your side (both in terms of back- and front-end).

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: