Inactive Chatters

Someone recently posted about how to close chats after a certain amount of inactive time from the customer.

This got me thinking…

How long do you wait before you close a chat on an Inactive customer? We’re all very polite over here, so we always end our chat with “You’re welcome”, “Thank you”, etc. - those kinds of conversation finishers.

Sometimes, even with these, customers wind up leaving the chat open but not saything anything else. So, do you wait 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? 60 minutes? Our Agents have varying answers here!

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The rules we use for inactivity timeouts are:
8 minutes of chat inactivity to make chat ‘inactive’
16 minutes of chat inactivity to make chat ‘archived’
We usually wait until the system archives the chat to close it
as it sometimes happens that the customer comes back with a question even after we wished each other a good day :slight_smile:
I personally also like to perform a double check in case customer would like to ask any additional questions, so after answering the query I like to follow up with ‘Can I help with anything else?’ and reassurance that we’re available at any time

It takes some additional time and effort but comes back to you in customer satisfaction and is well worth it :smile_cat:

Best regards from the Support Team!


We evaluate the situation based on what client wants.
If he asks questions regarding the services and you can realize that visitor is browsing the page, you can expect that you might get some extra questions.
If client replies with an ok, or a thank you or any answer that seems to be the last one, then we can consider it as the end of the chat.

In both cases, we always finish with a phrase: “May I help you with anything else?” so after that text if client does not reply, we can freely close and archive the chat.
In this case if client wants to ask anything else, he can always reopen the chat without feeling that he was kicked out.

5 minutes is usually more than enough once we have sent the last message.

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If I -want- to get rid of them, I wait half an hour. If I’m feeling very generous, I’ll wait an hour, sometimes more.

Even despite that, I’ve had clients who have been inactive for over an hour either leave a poor rating and a comment expressing dismay that we closed the chat, or just simply opening a new chat to ask why I closed the previous chat…that they hadn’t been using for over an hour.

I think most of the time these reactions are due to the client not knowing that they’re able to send the chat transcript to themselves. Even so, these times are few and far between.

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