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First, I started analyzing the API, and it’s just simple and perfect. Congrats!
But, I found some issues (small questions) that need improvement. Well, I will go into detail below.

My goals.
I plan to integrate Bybrand with HelpDesk to allow support agents to have a rich email signature (like the example below) and thus improve service in the email channel.

Following this tutorial, I have no success because the signature area from does not allow rich HTML email signature with table HTML entities.

Please, see my final result.

Realize that it’s different from my original template. But, it is not only it.

Agent API
Another question I want to get into. When went to see the HelpDesk API to update an agent remotely (That’s the idea with Bybrand’s integration).

The endpoint has 2 entries for the “signature” field.

The object field “richTextObj”. Do I have to encode the signature HTML with JSON to update the field? Because not allow pure HTML?

Writing this post now, I noticed that it looks like the signature area only allows Markdown. Is there any guidance that is not in the API docs?

Thank you.

Hello @bybrand !

Sorry for the late response, I got in touch with our HelpDesk team and here I am back with an answer:

  1. When it comes to rich signatures, our team proposes the modification of the template of the whole email (Settings > Email template). This would allow you to change the HTML of the whole footer, just leaving this piece in the rich signature:

  2. richTextObj contains an object which is generated by our frontend editor. Therefore, the easiest way to achieve this would be to generate a sample object by creating an entry in the editor and checking in API how it got saved.
    As of today, we do not allow pure HTML in there.

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Okay, thanks!

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