Implementation of drag&drop to exchange requester

I frequently use the merge option and to have this option available the requester needs to be the same. Currently to exchange the requester from one of the contacts on loop I need to manually remove this contact form the loop list, after that I need to empty the requester field , insert the new requester and finally add the old requester into the loop list. This is a lot of steps for a simple action.

So, could the Dev team make available the simple option to drag & drop to exchange the requester from contact in a people in loop?
Follow what if should be like:

Taking advantage of this Thread, I would like to know if the Emoji :smiley:field, what was a point that presented on another thread, could be also implemented. I really consider that this two points presented on this Thread meets the requisition simple & very useful

Thanks for your attention.

Thanks, I’ll pass these to our Product Team :ok_hand:

@Forysialez you might be interested in it :slight_smile:

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Hello! :smiley: Can we have the emoji option available in Helpdesk replies ? I think that implementation of the drag option to exchange an already inserted contact in the loop with the current requester will bring a better user experience!

I will love to have this feature, I hope we’ll have this feature soon.



Hello! I would like to know if those mentioned features were evaluated for implementation.
Recently the HelpDesk introduced the AI text enhancements feature what is OK but it do not have the same productive impact as the Drag&Drop feature and I do believe that is much more complicated than to add the Emoji section. Please, I would like to have an answer about that because the HelpDesk seems to be an application where it is left out and no improvement is evaluated.
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:wave: Hi there! I can confirm that the HelpDesk team has seen your feedback and we’re considering the possible solutions. We don’t have an ETA for you yet, but both emoji support and faster merge workflows are planned in the near future.

Great information, very comprehensive and easy to understand.

Thanks for your reply! We are looking forward to these features.

Hello! Any news about the implementation of those commented features ? Thanks!!!