If your company dies, it will die in silence. Help us avoid it!

Silence is gold, they say. For sure, it’s similarly expensive. You lose clients because they remain silent and you have to spend more to gain new ones.

Look at these stats:

In LiveChat, you can use chat forms to gain more info about the case (check out our best practices for data collection!) and chat ratings so your customers can rate their experience during the chat. For now, customers can tell if the chat was good or bad just by choosing thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

Unfortunately, this solution has its downside.

While this feature is a great way to gather feedback, the problem is, it’s not always clear what the rating means. For example, if the problem hasn’t been solved during the chat for other reasons than the agent’s performance, a negative rating still indicates that the agent failed in providing support. At the same time, for some customers that have mixed feelings, leaving a comment is a barrier to entry that requires too much effort.

Sometimes not being able to specify their feedback might discourage customers from rating the chat at all. What is often needed is a middle-ground between leaving the comment and rating the chat as positive or negative.

That’s why we want to introduce a new way of chat rating.



As shown in the animation above, with this feature your customers can rate the chat via stars or emojis. This type of rating makes it easier to assess the experience, as it no longer has to be just positive or negative. Research has shown that using emojis can make up for the lack of non-verbal clues and help user convey emotions and meanings. Consequently, it encourages customers to rate the chat, even if they are ambivalent about its course or outcome.

As we’re just implementing this feature, we wonder what are your thoughts about it. Do you think it’s a better idea of receiving feedback from your customers? Do you see any risks? Do you think it could influence your team in a negative or positive way?

Tell us! We will gladly address your concerns, your feedback will be very helpful!


I like the idea of the star rating. Would using that measure, then provide the agent with an average rating for the week? My agents are very competitive and would definitely want to know their average score for the week. Currently the agent with the most good ratings for the week, gets a trophy on their desk for the week, so being able to still measure their performance in chat would be appreciated. :trophy:

Right now the thumbs up and thumbs down rating can be tough as an agent can do everything correctly, but get a bad rating simply because there was an issue beyond their control. For example, they receive a bad rating because there was not an appointment available at the time the visitor wanted. The agent offered alternate solutions and provided excellent service, but the visitor was unhappy because they didn’t get the appointment time they were hoping for. More of a scale for the ratings, like the 1-5 stars could show that the chat wasn’t all bad, even if the visitor didn’t get everything they wanted.


We’ll be happy to have it right now!
We have already tried to make something, but it doesn’t look so good.

If it possible we can be the first one who tried it. :pray:

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