Identify logged in users in traffic

I’ve come over from SalesIQ (Zoho) and one feature they have is the abiltiy to view logged in users in their traffic reports and dashboard. Is this also available in Livechat? We run on a Wordpress site and there doesn’t seem to be a column on the traffic page for logged on users.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think SalesIQ gives you the same info as Livechat does. Neither tell you a actual end user details (name, address, email, etc.) but they do capture quite a bit!

SalesIQ definitely gives you the email address of logged in users on their traffic page. We’re a membership site so it’s really good for spotting members who are struggling to find the right page and proactively helping them.
There is an email column on the Livechat traffic page but it is only populated when a chat is initiated?