How to Set Up Automatic Personalized Messages on My Ecommerce Store

I want to set up automatic personalized messages on my website because I am unable to handle the manual messages and users are not converting due to the untimely Response. Can you please guide me with full step by steps as my website is about APEC vs waterdrop

Have you thought about using ChatBot?
It’s our chatbot platform, which you can easily integrate with LiveChat. It surely will release you from various types of cases, especially repeatable ones.

Here you can find several tutorials covering almost every topic; installation, building scenarios, integrations, and many, many more.

Another thing that can be useful to you is a proper ChatBot template. It’s a ready-to-use scenario for your chatbot that you can easily adjust to the needs of your website.

Check it out and let me know if you need anything else :handshake:

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