How to Improve plugin loading speed

Hello LiveChat Community
I am having some problems with the plugin. The Livechat plugin takes time to load on my Website-
Please help us to improve this problem

Hello @keeperlandwey,

Thanks for reaching us!
We checked your website and livechat plugin loaded automatically, so we may need some more information from you to investigate why the problem occured in your browser.

I would ask you to provide us some data:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the website and choose “Inspect Element”
  2. In the window that popped up, go to the Network tab
  3. REFRESH the page
  4. Right click on any row in Network tab then choose ‘Save as HAR file’.
  5. Please send the .har file here or on our email (

Dear LiveChat,

Kindly check the file attached/

(Attachment is missing)

Unfortunatetly, the HAR you sent us does not contain the necessary information. It looks like the network tab was opened after the page is loaded and it wasn’t refreshed.
The only information we have in that file is about Youtube loading: which is obviously unrelated to LiveChat.

In addition to correct HAR you can perform our network test and send us the results - this will show us the quality of your connection in regards to our service.

Thank you for the second file! We checked it and coming back with the results.

It looks like there’s nothing to worry about – it takes less than 1 second for plugin files to load, the biggest file loads in 639 ms. It’s important to note here that as the script is loaded asynchronously, the website does not have to wait for our chat to load.
Things that may slow down your page are the images and youtube. It takes 1-3 second to load each one,

while livechat resources weigh ~372kbs and load in significantly faster.

To learn more about how our script is loaded and why it does not affect the overall performance of your website, please check out the following article: , as well as a document that breaks down the loading of our script on a sample page: