How HelpDesk improved your communication? Check our Partner Program case study!

We work on our own products, not only in support. We learn and test our products by…using them. :handshake: Recently, we decided to use HelpDesk not only in handling support tickets but also introduce it to another department of our company – our Partner Program.

This isn’t strictly support account – our Partner Program contacts with different kinds of people. Firstly, of course, our partner companies, but also people who want to contribute to our blog, external developers, clients, etc. The range of activities is wide, and we needed something better than the usual Gmail account.


The mailbox wasn’t enough; there was too much information in one place – notifications, emails from partners, outbound reach out, spam. We needed a better way of organizing our communication. Different types of requests meant also different communication flows, demanding a specific approach. Some cases were long discussions and negotiations with partners, some required just quick, but thoughtful responses and for some repetitive cases, all we(and the senders) needed was an automatic workflow.

Implementation – what had to be done?

We implemented HelpDesk in few not-that-complicated steps.

Firstly, we added all the people that have direct contact with our clients/partners as users. Then, we personalized the accounts with proper footers and avatars. Having this done, we could start designing the flow of communication in our team. Guest post requests started being addressed to certain people, business inquires were assigned properly, automated workflows were introduced to answer simple questions.

The challenging part was to turn group into another standalone account in Gmail in order to link our email properly to the HelpDesk account. Making adjustments in Google was the most difficult part, but we managed to achieve it as well.

What do we find most useful?

  • Assigning tickets to certain people, according to their area of responsibility
  • Tagging and filtering conversations
  • Automatic assignment of incoming tickets, especially when it comes to guest post requests
  • Easy transfer of conversations to basically any person in LiveChat, along with the notes
  • Our support can create tickets for us, all within a single license
  • We can assign a specific partner’s domain to a certain person in the team, therefore emails from this partner are reaching a proper person

What feature have you found the most useful while using HelpDesk? Share your thoughts below! :arrow_down: