How GDPR affects the use of Live Chat

Hi Community,
Would like to discuss in this topic in which cases does the use of Live Chat conflict with the new GDPR guidelines and if there are specific measures where we can avoid any conflict.

This is a topic that will give some light to Data Protection Regulation and for sure we must be informed about any upcoming case.

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As far as I know, even the fact that clients must put their contacts in the live Chat, is a case that falls under the GDPR.
Is the LiveChat having any message or tick box regarding the “Consent” of the clients information?
Do LiveChat mention anywhere the areas where these details are going to be used?

Because from Company side, these measures are already taken, however Live Chat as third party service within the company, will have a separate database of those contacts that are using Live Chat

Hi @georgek

Thanks for your question.

As you said, LiveChat is GDPR compliant. It means that we process our clients’ as well as all end users’ personal data in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR. You can read more information here:

Also, LiveChat adjusted the product in a way to enable our clients (their businesses) to achieve compliance with the GDPR and process data under its requirements:

  • users can request deleting chats from their archives and our database,

  • they can also create a Privacy Note/Acquire Consent adapted to their
    business, that can be added to a pre-chat survey.

Please note not every company has to comply with GDPR requirements as the law regulates the processing of personal data of the European Union citizens only.

What’s more, LiveChat prepared a Data Processing Agreement for clients located in the EU or in countries where the law requires it.


Many thanks for your clear answer.



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