How do you use automated workflows?

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One of the HelpDesk features, designed for making the work more effective is Automated Workflow.

It allows you to create an algorithm that will recognize a certain intent of your customer and send the proper response by itself.
And different companies automate their work in various ways.
Have you implemented automated workflows to your support?
Which one of your workflows gets the most hits?

Automatic Workflows are definitely one of the bonuses of using HelpDesk vs regular LiveChat tickets. I have created 7 automated workflows this year and have 2 of them that have already been used over 2,000 times.

Our most used one is the ticket that our inbox gets cc’d on - every client that registers with us, get sent a confirmation email for staff to review and follow up on, if necessary. Because this came from a “do-not-reply” it was always going to spam and ran the risk of getting missed, and having us potentially drop the ball on customer service. By setting up a work flow that “if the subject contains Confirm Your Account”, it automatically moves the ticket from spam, back to our “tickets to handle”, ensuring no emails get missed and every customer will receive follow up and exceptional customer service!