How do you manage customer feedback?

Customer feedback is a term that rings many bells, especially in companies that concentrate on a product. It’s getting to know what people think about it, especially those who pay you a certain amount of money.

Do they enjoy using it? Is there anything they think should be changed? What can be added and what is the most difficult thing to do when using it?

As a company, we function in a reality of constant competition, where customers who are not delighted are very likely to leave and never come back. And putting it this way, it’s ignorant to ignore it.

In this thread, we will share our best ways to collect user feedback. We will also recommend the best resources on the topic which you can access online.

But first, we would like to ask you – how do you collect feedback in your company, especially if you sell your products or services digitally? What works with your customers?

We use a 5 question survey once clients have completed their training program with us via an email survey in Survey Monkey. Using that digital platform allows us to automate our survey sending as well as compile the results and comments later, both for following up on with the client and reporting/scoring how our offices and staff did, based on the responses. We found Survey Monkey provided us with the flexibility we needed for both building surveys and being able to organize/filter/document the results, as well as getting data surrounding open rates, completion rates, etc. Our surveys have good completion rates and low abandon rates, so that tells me the survey is easy to use (and isn’t too long that they give up or lose interest).

Only downside we’ve experienced with Survey Monkey so far, is the plan we are on to get an API code to use with our CRM is quite costly and the platform limits logging in from different devices too often. We’ve worked around this by only allowing certain people to use the platform, which is unfortunate because my team is all about being cross-trained to be able to back each other up. Our plan does not allow everyone on the team the ability to access the platform.


Often clients who come to your support via chat, have many problems, which, as it seems, can be resolved by creating a specific feature. How do we acknowledge the needs of our clients, collect user feedback and reconcile feature requests with the bigger picture of product development?

To answer these questions I talked to Agata Rogińska, our Support Team Lead :handshake: We’d like to share with you our process of collecting feedback via LiveChat and managing this info in our company.

For collecting feature requests, we created a tool that allows us to write down feedback from our customers directly in LiveChat app. It’s called “piesek” (”doggie”) :dog:. It is a custom form, in which we can write down the specifics of the case; customer details, feature request, but also use case with the description of a problem.

It is especially important in the process of analyzing the request. When our UX researchers analyze the requests later, they look for emerging patterns, repetitive problems, and similar use cases. When, based on collected info, they are able to propose a certain solution, they discuss it with the Head of Product.

Because LiveChat is now a well-developed tool, the decisive process of putting a feature on our roadmap isn’t easy. The Head of LiveChat, who is responsible for it, has to take multiple factors into consideration while doing so; business value, cost of implementation, etc.

In HelpDesk, which is a younger app with fewer people involved in its development, it’s easier to implement a change. For example, one of our latest features, Merging tickets, was suggested by our customers and was introduced in a relatively short time.

When receiving a feature request, we first try to find a way to solve the problem that the client has with tools that we already have. We focus more on creating the actual solution to the problem than just thinking about new features. Designing them takes time, and customers’ problems don’t like to wait.

Because we focus more on creating a solution that will serve most of our clients, usually our features don’t come to life exactly as customers asked. Sometimes, when it’s a little improvement, like extending the time period presented on heatmaps (coming soon!), it may come out exactly as requested, but most often we take it as one of the factors contributing to the general direction of the app development.

We’d also want to give you a simple solution to collect customer feedback via LiveChat just as we do with our internal “doggie”. :dog:

A similar effect can be achieved by linking Google Sheets with LiveChat via Zapier. It will allow you to collect feature requests from your clients directly in LiveChat app!

At first, set a trigger in Zapier at the moment when the chat is finished.


Then, set a condition using “filter” action, so it will be performed only if the chat will be tagged with feature request tag.


Finally, set creating spreadsheet row as performed action when conditions are met.


This way Zapier will collect chats which you will tag as feature requests in a single Google Spreadsheet!

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Wow, you automated the process really well!
Have you thought about another platform, Typeform, for example?

Checking out Typeform now… so far the price is definitely more reasonable than Survey Monkey and it seems to have comparable features and reporting capabilities. Thanks for the suggestion, if we ultimately decide to switch over this could save us hundreds of :dollar: per year!

I see Typeform offers a lot of potential integrations with their platform. Is LiveChat an integration or planning to become an integration? I love it when everything can run through chat, makes our lives so much easier and more efficient 1 :smiley:

In the last post, we shared a couple of ways through which you can gather customer feedback via LiveChat. This time, I’d like to describe how to do that more automatically, using our tool, ChatBot. In case that some of you might not know that, ChatBot is our tool, fully compatible with LiveChat, that can let you create your own chatbot for a website, social media site, etc. It can also be a very effective way of gathering a customer feedback, as it doesn’t involve a support agent.

There is a couple of methods that you can use to engage customers in order to gather feedback. For example, if you use ChatBot widget, you can use an attribute to display greeting to a certain audience. You can do it with LiveChat integration as well. Of course, you can simply put a certain button at some point of scenario which will lead the customer to the feedback form.

This way you can, for example, target a group of customers that already used your product or service. Here I’ll present three ways to do ask for a feedback – a basic, semi-advanced and an advanced one.

  1. Basic method with the use of our visual builder

Using the buttons feature, you can at some point lead the customer to the part of scenario designed for gathering feedback. As mentioned above, you can also engage customers with custom greeting.

You can design it by yourself, but if you don’t have much experience with crafting chatbots, don’t be discouraged! You can use our Customer Satisfaction template, a ready-made scenario which you can easily adapt to the needs of your business. A ChatBot Academy is also there and it will help you to learn the basics of our Visual Builder. You can do it via both Quick Replies or direct User Input.

  1. Using external form via Moments SDK

Moments is a feature that allows you to embed in ChatBot widget an external web application. This is a great option to use external apps for gathering more specific input, like scheduling a meeting, or using forms designed in apps like Typeform or Google Forms. In the example below you can see Calendly app within the chat widget, allowing the customer to shedule a meeting.

If you use this kind of software, you can embed previously designed form inside the chat widget, so the customer won’t have to leave your website to give the feedback you need. This will lower the entry barrier, so it will be easier for your clients to rate their experience, using your form.

If you want to use this method, below you can find any needed info:

  1. Embedding your own web app for gathering feedback

Some companies need to use their own custom web apps to gather the exact feedback they need from their clients. Chatbot also can do that – you can embed your own web app for collecting user feedback using the method similar to one above. It will also use Moments SDK framework.

Here you will find additional info:

And here you can find several examples of apps embedded inside the chat widget:

If you have any questions, let me know in the thread!

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Thank you for a valuable piece of information