How do you make our products complement each other?


Those of you who’ve been using two of our products for some time — what is your experience with them? How well do they work with each other? Which areas of support are best covered with LiveChat, and which with other products?

Share your experience — describe the characteristics of your support flow and tell us what works the best!

My fav 2 products together are ChatBot and LiveChat. It’s allowed us to provide 24/7 service across multiple communication channels (LiveChat, text message, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger) while not having to extend Live Agent hours. Our ChatBot can provide basic info and also take messages from visitors for the Live Agents to follow up on when they return to work. All messages are routed through my 3rd fav product - HelpDesk! Every email and every message from the bot routes to HelpDesk for any agent to have access to and provide a timely response to our clients and/or website visitors.

We’ve also recently built an employee ChatBot which has been super helpful in training and supporting our staff. Living on webpages only accessible to our employees, the employee ChatBot can answer hundreds of questions our employees may have about their employment with our company. From benefits to dress code or prices of our services, if an employee needs help they can get it instantly, 24/7, wherever they are!