How do you initiate a chat with a customer?

I used to be able to initiate a chat with my customers. Now, they can chat with me and I can reply, but I cannot initiate a chat. How do I initiate a chat?

Hello @connie,

By default, you can initiate chat in the Customers Section in LiveChat –
There should be the “Actions” row, where you can find the “Start Chat” button.

But if it’s disabled for some reason, you can turn it on by following these instructions:

Let me know if this helps!

I’m not sure what you mean by action row. Also, you said turn it on by follow these instructions but I don’t see any instructions. Please let me know what I’m missing. Thanks so much.

I’m sorry, ‘column’ is what I meant to say :slight_smile:

By default, the Customers section looks like that, and the ‘Actions’ column should be visible in the center of the screen.

But if it’s disabled, you can always turn it on – press the menu button as shown below and check if the ‘Actions’ field is marked.

Let me know if this solves the problem :slight_smile:

I found and turned on the actions button but still can’t figure out how to start a chat.

It looks like the column Activity is also disabled; without it, you cannot see if the visitor that you see here is still on the website or he already left – “Start Chat” button appear only next to present visitors. You can turn it on in the same pop-up window.